Psychosis is Way More Common--and Treatable--Than You Think

Right as Rain | August 2, 2018
Three out of every 100 people will experience psychosis in their lifetime, which makes it a lot more common than most of us would believe. Sarah Kopelovich, PhD, talks about the reality of psychosis and the possible causes of it.

Both Light and Dark

UW Medicine Magazine | Fall, 2017
“It took me a long time to get help,” Lisa Lovejoy says. But eventually she did — at Harborview Medical Center.

He Sought Care for Schizophrenia. He Still Fell Through the Cracks

Right as Rain | September 14, 2017

Maria Monroe-DeVita, PhD, talks about the importance of early intervention in the treatment of psychosis and the creation of the Early Psychosis Intervention Program at the new UW Medicine Behavioral Health Institute at Harborview.