Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
Strengthening Crisis Intervention:
Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic

All too often, patients, families and first responders have few places to turn for assistance when new or urgent behavioral health problems arise. The result is overuse of emergency rooms and inadequate behavioral health care. Through the BHI, we will create a safe recovery place for individuals who have a mental health and/or substance use disorder crisis and who are in need of immediate help from a team of trained psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, therapists, and peer support counselors. Clinic staff will triage patients, provide short-term care and referral services, with the goal of stabilization and treatment in the community, whenever possible. Research shows that those suffering from acute psychiatric conditions respond better to a calming, supportive environment, monitored by trained staff, like those found in community- based recovery programs; community-based programs have a dual advantage because they also have the ability to accept even the most acute psychiatric patients. This improved recovery-oriented environment will promote substantial improvements in outcomes, safety, quality of patient care and satisfaction. If hospitalization is required, staff will work to facilitate both voluntary and involuntary inpatient admission.